CARTA MARKETING FIRM's Perspective on Creativity

Creativity is expressed to consumers as the culmination of marketing activities. We believe that 'any measure is meaningless unless it is communicated'. That is why we approach the feelings of consumers and organize them through data, to provide creativity that moves hearts and encourages action.


Creative consulting service which utilizes creative-focused reserach tool and AI. We offer creative ideas by breaking down consumer psychology and behavior for high performing banner ads, LPs, and videos.


A uniqe banner format. We can arrange and custimize according to your KPIs. It enables interactive user communication with overwhelming performance results compared to regular static images.

Banner/Video/Landing Page/etc

While establishing an in-house production system, we join forces with production partners to plan and produce creatives that maximize effects. In addition, by analyzing the results after delivery and executing the PDCA cycle, we will also contemplate moves for continuous success.