Offline Media

We have a track record of media delivery through TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, taxis, outdoor advertising, event implementation, and more, in collaboration with the Dentsu Group and CARTA HOLDINGS. We select media that would be optimal for the purpose of the campaign.
In addition to advertising placements, we also conduct advertising effectiveness verification, such as guiding to stores, linking with digital advertisements, and visualizing advertising effects.

Digital Media

We have a wide range of digital media delivery records through collaboration with Dentsu Group/CARTA HOLDINGS (CCI), including direct advertisements, operational advertisements, video advertisements, app-targeted advertisements, Social Media ads, and tie-up advertisements.
We carry out media selection and delivery design according to the goals of the clients, from branding to direct measures.
In the increasingly sophisticated digital marketing field, we build the operation system by experts to maximize the advertising effect.



PORTO offers an integrated advertising platform to maximize contact points with consumers and solve marketing challenges. It's a platform for brand advertisers, enabling programmatic integration across all media, bulk distribution/management, and reporting.


We offer a lineup based on Ad Networks and DSPs, with CPM, CPC, and CPI billing. We provide one of the largest performance-focused services for smartphones in Japan.


Integrating &Social into everything, from digital to social, and from mass media to social, not as a single strategy in social media, but as a multiplier for various businesses to enhance cost-effectiveness.

PR Casting

Based on data, we deliver high-precision tie-up posts using influencers and talents to target users. In combination with advertisements, landing pages, and campaigns, we connect them to increase sales.

UGC Creating

We aim to increase the number of word-of-mouth on social media by promoting the use scenes and effectiveness of products and services through UGC creation. We create new user touchpoints and maximize purchase opportunities.

Official Account Operation

We conduct everything from account analysis to operation and KPI management. We aim to maximize the effect of 'empathetic creativity' and 'information dissemination power'.